Yesterday, my schedule opened up a bit and now I'm going to ThrillerFest next week, which is extremely cool. (Although I do agree with Elaine Viets over on The Lipstick Chronicles that it's a whole lot lopsided that all of the nominees for the first ThrillerFest award are men. Nary a woman in sight, which makes so little sense when you see some of the amazing thrillers out by women in this last year.)[UPDATE: Gayle Lynds and several ITW leaders have posted excellent explanations of what happened, and I believe they put in as many failsafes as they could to make the contest fair and balanced. Coincidences happen, and if they hadn't put in that effort, it might be construed negatively, but I think the effort they went to was pretty impressive.]

The main hotel had long ago been booked up and they were booking overflow hotels, but I thought, "If it's meant to be, there'll be an opening." I called the Biltmore Spa and asked if they'd had any cancellations and the desk clerk sort of laughed at the crazy lady on the phone. She started to say she didn't, but I asked her to please double-check and she came back fairly astonished: they'd just had a cancellation. I'm especially jazzed because I think about seven or eight of the Killer Year Class of 2007 are going to be there.