My friend, Pooks, is riding in the LIVESTRONG CHALLENGE, and I am so completely impressed and proud of her. From the site: “Net proceeds from the event support the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s mission to inspire and empower people affected by cancer. The LAF serves its mission through advocacy, public health and research.”

I’ve donated in memory of two strong-willed, impressive women who were friends of my mom, who both died of cancer just a couple of years apart. These women left a huge hole in my mom’s life, as well as my own (because I loved hearing about their lives and antics through my mom), and they had been a constant part of my life until they were dragged away. I think this is a supremely worthy cause, and on top of that, Pooks is a real inspiration. I hope you will consider donating. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE MUCH. A dollar or two, really, and it’ll help. So hey, let’s support that Texan over there helping to kick cancer’s ass. If anybody can do it, Texas can.