Well, the little film project I was working on had its final shoot Saturday and I’ve got a copy of the rough cut and am very pleased with it. The editor’s working on all of the fine-tuning this week and the director and I will review it (probably on Friday) and I hope to have a final copy by the weekend. It’s something I’ll post a little bit in advance of the book selling… so that means not until next year will it go up on the book’s site (which, um, I need to create). The main purpose of it was as something to hand to my publisher, which I will now be able to do next week, in time for the internal book launch (which is August 17). However, I’m bringing a copy with me to the conference next week and will have a portable DVD player if anyone other than my agent wants to see it.

I am itching to post it, of course, but it’s too soon. The curse of having a pub date in May is having a lot of things I’d like to do, but can’t really, until closer to time for the book to come out, or else they’ll be forgotten. The hope (huge hope) is to create buzz, enough so that when people go into a bookstore, they’ll not only remember the book’s title, but seek it out. Creating buzz too early defeats the purpose if there isn’t a book there. Which is a bummer, because I’d love to show you what I’ve been working so insanely hard on.

And speaking of working on stuff, I’ve got to get a book site up, and I finally have an idea of what I want. Woo! The world may end from the shock of that notion, and notice it’s not actually up yet — still have to design it, but at least I have a direction, and creating this little video helped me figure that out. Well, that and an idea I’d had a while back which Rob brought up at ThrillerFest and encouraged me to pursue. So hey, gonna still be busy doing stuff.

Meanwhile, there are great posts over on Killer Year and I’ll be putting up stories there after the convention next week, so I’m not gone. Just hopping around, kinda crazy. (Yeah, I know. This is different, how?) Anyway, glad you all are dropping in on me. Book-wise, I’m at the copy-edit stage of book one (they aren’t here yet — probably will be soon), and working on book 2 and the video and well, I’m whupped. In a good way.