Yesterday was my in-house launch of the book over at the publisher’s, and it went really really well. I’ve heard from my editor comments from various people who now have the book, who’d either just finished it or were about half-way through, and their comments were so great, I felt like I was going to float the rest of the day. This company totally rocks. I’m exceptionally thrilled with their plan for the book and how they’re going to bring it out, how enthusiastic they are about it. I don’t think a writer could ask for better.

I’m also intensely satisfied with my book video. We got it edited (barely) in time to send to the publisher for the launch to show around; my editor loved it and there’s talk of putting it up on the publisher’s site as well as my own when we get closer to publication time. I am itching to put it up here, or put snippets up, but that would defeat the purpose of generating attention to the book at the time when it could be purchased, so I’ll try to be patient. (And if I manage to be patient, the world is probably going to end in a big fireball.)

The last couple of months have been insanely busy here — family-wise (my dad had surgery, my son was sick) and work wise (we have more construction work than we want to do and my husband is actively ignoring requests for bids because we just do not have the time or the manpower to do the jobs) and writing wise (working on book 2). However, since the family seems to be on their way back to good health and the workload will taper down in a week or so, I feel like I’m finally getting back to normal and will start posting more over here on writing and publishing issues. I think I’m also going to start listing books I’ve read and enjoyed. I doubt I do a full-fledged review, but rather just tell why I enjoyed it. My tastes are very eclectic, but lately I’ve been reading way more crime fiction and comedic fiction than anything else, and a little S/F thrown in for good measure. There’s no telling what’s going to pop up here, so stay tuned.