Random stuff…

Still here. Got swamped this week with a lot of miscellaneous stuff we’re doing for the Killer Year group. I have to tell you, the four founders of our group (JT, Sandra, Brett and Jason) have not only worked their buns off creating something pretty damned amazing, but they’ve had — and are in the process of executing — some pretty brilliant ideas. I can’t wait ’til you all can see the new site.

I had not meant to leave my photo up as the top post, as if phishing for compliments, but thank you — you guys rock. I cannot stress enough how much I have hated my own photos and how camera shy (camera horrified?) I normally am, so this was as much about trying to get over that fear as anything else. Damn, but y’all were nice to me.

My copy edits came today! And I am really impressed with this copy editor. (I have to see if I can post his name here — forgot to ask.) He left my voice alone and very smartly caught some little things that I hadn’t caught. And he had such a wonderful note at the end about how much he’d enjoyed the book! That honestly made my whole month, because I know this guy is a pro, I know he reads tons of books from all genres, and I really appreciated his comment and his attention to detail.

Internally at St. Martins, things are rocking along really well with the book. I am in awe of how lucky I am to be working with this group of people. (This isn’t sucking up because they don’t have time to read my blog!) I think we’ll have galleys after Thanksgiving. Wow.

It’s going to be a crazy busy week this next week. I have copy edits to do. Book 2 to continue. A friend’s script to finish reading and critiquing (it’s really good). Another friend’s book to re-read (not sure if this will happen this week or next). A hallway to finish painting (I primed the trim, never got back to it). I’d love to paint my bedroom as well (got the new trim up a while back – never primed, never painted and it’s really bothering me), but that’s not likely to happen unless I clone myself. And we’re not even going to talk about the disaster that is the guest bathroom, which has the ugliest peach wallpaper to exist on the planet. (I swear, I think the previous owners, when picking out fixtures or wallpaper or colors, went to the Ugly Book and picked out the Very Worst Thing in each category.)

So, really busy, tremendously excited about Killer Year, over-the-moon with the first book, exhausted, writing, and attempting to sleep (which hasn’t been working out real well)…

OH, and I realized I had left off several blogs that I visit regularly via RSS or my own bookmarks (like m.g. tarquini, Elizabeth Krecker, and several others I realized I’m missing on my links column). I am going to try to get that updated soon because if you’re not reading these people, you’re really missing out on some great writing.

(I’m slapping this up now… will come back and do the links later!)