You know, I was in shock when they bought the book, and it didn’t really feel real.  The check sort of made it feel like an actual even had happened, but there wasn’t a book to hold in my hands yet, since it sold prior to being written in full, and I deposit checks for our business, so it wasn’t a vastly different, life-altering experience.  Then there finally was a manuscript, and then edits, and it started feeling real, but kinda not. Like I’m playing house or something, because I’ve had other stacks of pages go out to other people and come back with notes, and even though getting the notes from my editor with the company logo on it made it different and better… and slightly more real… it just didn’t feel… tangible, yet.  But these last few weeks, a couple of things have happened: I received a bound copy of the manuscript, which sort of looks like a trade-paperback book in that it’s about that size with a very plain cover on it. A cover which has my title and my name. So wow, starting to feel real.  But somehow, this weekend, looking at the actual copy edits, seeing the typesetters marks, knowing this is the last real chance I’ll have to make changes before it becomes a permanent… book… wow.  That, finally, is starting to feel real.

I cannot imagine how much of an out-of-body experience it’s going to be to hold the actual book in my hands. I suspect I will spontaneously combust.