I am tired and cranky, and it’s not even the full-blown holiday madness yet, and I’ve missed posting and reading blogs and generally, you know, feeling like a human, interacting with friends. The crankiness is from just too much stuff to do in much too little time, and not just writing stuff, but major family moves and such, and it’s starting to even out a little. I may actually be somewhat sane in a week or two. Well, not so much that anyone else would notice, probably, but at this point, anything will be an improvement.

I post tonight (4:25 a.m…. well, I guess that’s officially “this morning”) because I’d meant to put this up when it first appeared, but hie thee over to Chris Well’s blog where he interviews fellow author Sandra Ruttan.  Chris is doing an amazing thing, featuring all of the Killer Year authors in a two-part questionnaire gig that I’m excited about. I’ve got my questions and I’m waiting until some of that sanity settles in before answering, so mine will be up later.

To demonstrate some of the insanity, here’s an actual conversation my husband and I had this evening:

Me: It’s not working. I’m not sure why it’s not working, but something isn’t right.  I have to raise the tension.

Him: How are you going to do that?

Me: (after thinking a minute) I think I have to kill people. Probably two would do the trick.

Him: We’re still talking fiction, right?