I am at that point in book 2 where I am almost done and yet, I feel like I’m miles and miles away. Carl told me I had intimidated myself, which is true. There’s the fear of not living up to book 1 and also the desire to exceed it. Scary. He also pointed out that I do actually have to finish the book and, you know, hand it in. Also true. I did give the editor a snippet for them to include in the back of book 1, and she loved it and so did marketing (Anne Marie) and I cannot tell you how relieved I am. I mean, it was only 2 1/2 pages, but hey, it didn’t suck and they were happy enough with it to go make room for it, so that’s a good sign right? Right? Bueller?

I wonder if I could just hand it in 2 1/2 pages at a time. You know, if they didn’t like something, then I could have an accidental computer crash or something could blow up. (You know, the Bobbie Faye version of “the dog ate my homework” is probably a minor nuclear meltdown.) (I wonder how difficult it would be to arrange a minor nuclear meltdown? hmmm.)

Er, the LCC pictures and round-up. They’re still on the new camera phone, which is tres cool but requires downloading and I am just too lazy tonight. So entertain yourself instead and go read through max’s new blog; I love max–she’s consistently funny, sharp, ascerbic and smart. She also taught me a helluva lot.