So, I’m working like batshit crazy, trying to finish book 2. Realize that I had one of the bad guys described all wrong, and then figured out how he should be, which just made him come to life, just jangle right off the page, so I was very happy. Which in turn inspired a change to another scene because he’s now in there, which made that scene a lot funnier, while, at the same time, raising the stakes. All very very good things. I’m rocking along, getting stuff done. I’ve had a good day. I’ve saved my file every few minutes because I am type triple-A paranoid. (You wouldn’t have guessed that, would you?)

Then Vista starts acting kinda weird. Slow, but not just slow… odd. Like it had a headache and just couldn’t be bothered to fully open the programs. I start worrying because this isn’t looking good, so I save my file and carefully shut everything down and reboot. (All you Mac people, hush. I know I know.) And the computer reboots, tells me it’s got to check something out, and then it’s recovering lost files. Lost files? I think. Who lost ’em? Not me. I put ’em right where they were supposed to be.

The thing reboots, all looks fine, I open my Word program, again, looks fine, I open my book document.

There is no book document.

There is no back up file because Vista ate that, too.

I keep trying to convince it that it’s really there, it’s just being a pain (and my friend Corey had me email it and it was actually partially there, but apparently, Vista is not only a hungry bastard, but is blind as a bat).

The one lucky thing is that I email myself my entire manuscript every evening to a separate gmail account just for that sort of thing. I was able to go back and open yesterday’s version and it was fine. I just had to go back and re-do everything I’d done for the past eight hours. I’m not sure if I remembered everything, but at this point, at least there is a book. Because if there was not a book? I would have spontaneously combusted right there on the spot and I don’t know who would have been able to explain that to my agent and editor.

If it happens again, I am hunting me down some Vista programmers. I will so be siccing Bobbie Faye on them.