I had to run to the bookstore tonight to drop off the invitations to next Sunday’s reading / signing at Barnes & Noble (on Citiplace, at 3:00)… and my book was in the window! With a poster telling about the reading.

And then it was on the New Paperback display table.

And then it was on another table with a big sign over it.

Of course, I took photos.

There may have been squeeing.

There was even, possibly, a little dancing in the store. (okay, a lot of dancing) In front of people. Who thought I was crazy. But you know what?

My book is in the stores.

My friends high-fived me, other friends have emailed me that they’ve either bought it or it’s being shipped to them (they got the notices) and you know what?

It’s just flat out amazing.

My book is in the stores now.

It’s real.

Dreams really do come true.