You know, it simply stays kinda crazy over here. We’re having a 50th wedding anniversary party for my in-laws this Saturday, and I’ve been executive producing an indie film (um, did I mention the film? probably not… more on that later, but right now, the footage is amazing).

Anyway, I’m popping in to tell you that Bobbie Faye went into a second print run a couple of weeks back and for one more week, it’s on a special promotion through Barnes & Noble, where if you buy two, you get the third one free. Which is very cool, and I’m really thrilled to be included in that group. (That is also available in store.) And, I have to give a huge shout-out thank you to Zach and Alice and Russ over at Wordsmith Books– they are just amazing, so if you’re anywhere near Decatur, GA., go see them! Or order from them online! No kidding, they are super.

Also, on the same day that Harry Potter hit the world, Bobbie Faye had a fantastic reveiw up over on  I had the chance to meet Joe Hartlaub, the reviewer, at ThrillerFest, and seriously, you just could not meet a nicer guy.

Meanwhile, I’m finished (mostly) with book two. “Finished” being defined as that state of delusion that I am determined to live in while my editor reads it and before she gives me notes. I am la-la-la-ing to the computer calling out to me to go fix this or that or this other thing that I thought of three seconds after pressing send. Every single time I submit something, I think, “I’ll review it, repeatedly, I’ll make sure I am absolutely happy with it, and this time, when I send it, I will be able to relax because I know everything is done! Yay!” Except that never works. I never, ever am able to get to that point because as soon as it’s beyond my control, I will remember one thing that is critical.

It’s really hard to read it out loud at events. I tend to want to edit on the fly.

So. I am “finished.” Until I’m not. Which will probably be very very soon. Meanwhile, I am planning a party for a bunch of people, painting the hallway (which is half-way painted because I started it somewhere in the middle of book two and just gave up when that consumed me). Two weeks from now, we’re having a baby shower here, so more cleaning and painting can be done in between the two. And we have a weekend shooting schedule and I’m busy trying to nail down locations and costumes and props and all sorts of other things that I never, ever, would have expected to be doing this summer. (Because clearly, I am insane.) (If the script wasn’t that good and the guys weren’t that talented, I wouldn’t have committed. But is and they are, and so here I am.) (Yep, insane.)

Saturday, the 4th, I’ll be talking at the Zachary library (Zachary, Louisiana) at 2:00 p.m. There are a few more things lined up for the fall, for which I hope to have the details soon and will get those up on the schedule. (My poor, sadly neglected schedule.)

So, dear internet, hope you’re not getting too sunburned at the beach and that you’re knocking back and having some fun.