Killer Year Blog

Hey, I have a sort of funny post over on the Killer Year blog today, with a question for you at the end. Enjoy!


We’re kicking off in an official capacity by being adopted by the International Thriller Writers organization (ITW) — and wow, there’s so much good news about that… go see MJ’s post on our newly redesigned Killer Year blog to see what all that means.

And while you’re at it, check out our brand spanking new Killer Year site — especially the individual author’s pages. The guys working on the design did an amazing job and put in a tremendous number of hours gathering up all of the info, designing, etc., and my hat is off to them.  I love the expansion features that are designed in, too:  we’ll have a calendar so everyone’s events can go up in one place for all Killer Year visitors to see at a glance (everyone’s tours or signings or events of any stripe) and we’ll also have the ability to expand our author’s page to include press-worthy news (like reviews, etc.) and excerpts (woo!).  So come on, pull the curtain back and see what’s new over there!