Killer Year — Class of 2007

I meant to post this yesterday, but somehow, the day got away from me. But go here to see the two coolest kids on the block this month, Gregg Olsen and Phil Hawley — both their debut books are out and I have heard such fantastic things about each, I have to have them both. I mean, really fantastic, like, when writers are talking privately and they are in awe (and slightly envious of the talent of) someone else and they speak about something with a mixture of hushed reverence¬†and envy when they think no one is really going to note the envy part? Yeah, like that. Awe. So put these on your wish lists, people, I really think you’ll be happy you did!




Hey, I have a sort of funny post over on the Killer Year blog today, with a question for you at the end. Enjoy!

Check out my latest post on my nutty life over on the Killer Year blog.

Meanwhile, I received my first pass pages (also called “page proofs” or “galleys) a couple of weeks ago and got them proofed and sent back in. I swear, the typos breed at night. I’m amazed at how many keep slipping in, though everyone has made a great effort to catch them. Still — no telling if we got them all.¬† I do love the look of the layout of the pages, though.

I should be getting a cover in the next coupl of weeks. I’ve seen a couple of rough drafts that my editor wanted to tweak, and we talked about how to tweak it. Fingers crossed there. This is the really scary part, because if a cover just doesn’t resonate with the audience, they won’t pick up the book. You can have the greatest blurbs in the world, great reviews, but most of the time, bookstore readers who are browsing (and who didn’t go there specifically to get your book) will only pick it up if the cover art grabs them. That is incredibly intimidating and frightening, to be honest with you, because I know I’m guilty of the same sort of “judging a book by its cover.” The writer usually has no say in the cover art whatsoever, so I’m extremely lucky that my editor asked for my input and really listened. The hard trick is, can what we see in our heads be adequately communicated to the people trying to execute the design? That’s not nearly as easy as it sounds.

So, cross your fingers for me.

Meanwhile, I’m working on book two… which leads back to that Killer Year blog post. Hope you enjoy!